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Your Ultimate Potential

They say, “you can’t be a master of all, if you’re a jack of all trades”. I say, “you can have a good team around you that drives change, inspire people and help them achieve their ultimate potential!”

Every since I discovered my purpose in life, every little thing seizes to faze me. I am driven by a very simple but extremely effective African philosophy, “I exist because you exist, and you exist because I exist. We cannot exist without each other!”

Let me inspire you to achieve your ultimate potential!


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Personal Growth
Self Awareness
Live a little

Treat Yourself

The worst thing you could do to yourself is ignore yourself. There is more to life than your daily pursuits. Take time to stop, breath, appreciate the things around you and love yourself! As your partner, I will work with you to reveal the real you to yourself. So that you can appreciate that person, square your shoulder and then take on the world! Your first session is on me! Book an appointment.  


What They Say

“Ben is an exceptional leader with the drive to make things happen. I highly recommend him for situation where timely results are required, he is able to deliver on time, every time.”

“I have known Ben Akoh since he was program coordinator at OSIWA in Senegal. I have been impressed by his pragmatism and by his action-oriented approach. He has appeared to me very motivated by the desire to help address African developmental challenges, and he favoured the implementation of a great number of initiatives in West Africa.”

“Ben has a unique blend of share energy, unbendable will and amazing interpersonal skills that set him far apart from the average. While working with Ben, I’ve seen him transform from an application architect to business driven visionary capable of not just directing, but driving the company forward. Finally, together with full personal and professional recommendations, I must say that I would gladly consider working with Ben again.”

Come On In

Treat Yourself to a glimpse of your utlimate future.