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Category Archives: Ben Akoh

Togo: on its path to development

It has been a while since I last updated my blog and sweeping off the cobwebs to arrive at the meat of content production has been disturbing for me. Do I start by offering an explanation to a few of my readers why the site has been still for sometime or do I just plunge into dialogging like nothing […]

Of iPods, Dizziying Technologies, Obama and Transparency

I could not understand the linkages between the Obama presidency and the resurrection of my gadgets except perhaps that the only common denominator is the timing of the happenings.

Credit worth?!

Can the world’s financial institutions think of a better way of verifying the finanacial suitability of an individual besides owning and using a credit card? Way before the recent global financial turmoil, the credit card seems to be the only means of verifying financial stability and suitability for a service by service oriented  institutions; hotels, […]

American Elections and Modern Culture

There is a black man in the white house and modern culture had a whole lot to do with it. The simple statements, ‘go vote’, which President elect Obama often made appealed to popular culture but mostly those, youths, new voters and internet and technology saavy generation. Telecommunications had a lot to do with it […]