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The Eyjafjallajökull Volcano and Future Global Travel Scenario

If they could see that we only use our ships to migrate for pleasure rather than the need to be physically present at another global meet

On Globalism and National Identity

I, again, find it difficult to post something to the blog this week. Not for reasons of a lack of what to write but rather because there are just too many things to talk about. Ok, too many things to write about aspects of life, society, culture, technology, principles, policy, pride, national identity, globalism or […]

Democratisation of Democracy: Web 2.0 Tools and Its Disruptive Tendencies

It is as if participatory governance was waiting for a catalyst that will accelerate the combustion of citizen involvement and power management at the center;

Expression and regulation

What rules guided ‘blogging’ in ancient days and how can we correlate the freedoms of those days with those of today? The expression of knowledge as defined by Egyptian hyroglyphics was a profound and fundamental way of  self expression at a time when the world still grappled with tacit knowledge. The one way of stiffling […]

FESPACO and its Future

I am at the 40th anniversary of FESPACO, a biannual event that bring together filmakers, films, intellectuals, everyone to a festival of celebration of creativity. This event is hosted in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso – an ancient West African city. This is my first FESPACO. I am impressed, the crowd, quality of production of films, the […]

Of iPods, Dizziying Technologies, Obama and Transparency

I could not understand the linkages between the Obama presidency and the resurrection of my gadgets except perhaps that the only common denominator is the timing of the happenings.

American Elections and Modern Culture

There is a black man in the white house and modern culture had a whole lot to do with it. The simple statements, ‘go vote’, which President elect Obama often made appealed to popular culture but mostly those, youths, new voters and internet and technology saavy generation. Telecommunications had a lot to do with it […]