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Category Archives: Africa

Togo: on its path to development

It has been a while since I last updated my blog and sweeping off the cobwebs to arrive at the meat of content production has been disturbing for me. Do I start by offering an explanation to a few of my readers why the site has been still for sometime or do I just plunge into dialogging like nothing […]

Internet Futures Scenarios – What the African (global) youth thinks it will be in 2015

I spent last week with a bunch of 18-29 year olds from 24 African countries. Thats why I was not in my Seminar class. And like previous times, I have to make a post of where I was and what I did. One hundred youths gathered at a remote getaway resort in the Kenyan plains […]

Proactive and Equitable Spectrum Management Regime: My take at the #IGF09, Access Panel

Global debates on Access have moved from just Infrastructure based arguments to issues of policy, regulation and rights. Undersea cables have arrived in under-served coastal areas; mobile phone proliferations have characterized the landscape where previously copper cables have been inexistent. Tele-densities have increased and will continue to do so. Even with these advancements in infrastructure, […]

Another Sad Case of a Pathetic African President

At a time when governments of the US and North Korea are engaged in high level diplomatic release of journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling by President Clinton, an African president is spiraling down the same road, in the opposite direction. Even the most repressive of regimes and reclusive of persons (Kim Jong Il) today […]

Pathetic state of African leaders

I am in Accra on the same the day that Barack Obama visited, and I listened to him deliver an inspiring and memorable speech in his ever so charismatic and eloquent style.  I had mixed feelings. I was happy that he did not hold back or minced words in speaking the truth to die hard, […]