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Togo: on its path to development

It has been a while since I last updated my blog and sweeping off the cobwebs to arrive at the meat of content production has been disturbing for me. Do I start by offering an explanation to a few of my readers why the site has been still for sometime or do I just plunge into dialogging like nothing […]

Proactive and Equitable Spectrum Management Regime: My take at the #IGF09, Access Panel

Global debates on Access have moved from just Infrastructure based arguments to issues of policy, regulation and rights. Undersea cables have arrived in under-served coastal areas; mobile phone proliferations have characterized the landscape where previously copper cables have been inexistent. Tele-densities have increased and will continue to do so. Even with these advancements in infrastructure, […]

Digital Migration and MDGs: Issues, Policies Decisions and Consumers

Unfortunately, telecommunications is not an MDG milestone. This would otherwise have been a laudable achievement.