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Limitations and Exceptions of Copyright to Education (and Technology)

I struggled quite a bit this week on what to post on my blog because there seems to be lots of interesting topics to talk about, research on, and offer up a discuss that should elicit further knowledge or research. It was hard to settle on something. But I have decided to look at Copyright […]

Causes and Effects According to Heidegger

Hiedegger’s Questioning Concerning Technology starts off with an understanding of essence and ends with a profound statement, “For questioning is the piety of thought.” Between these two milestones of that discuss lie nuggets; wealth, the quest for truth, essence and being; democracy, social and environmental justice; a few mention of technology itself, but Heidegger manages […]

Crisis in American Media and its impact on the Global scale

Crisis in American Media and its impact on the Global scale [1] [2] There is a crisis in the American media landscape. It is a local crisis that has global implications but the crisis levels may be different across geographic locations. Major media institutions are closing their foreign bureaus and calling home their foreign correspondents. […]

Plato’s Allegory of the Cave – Technology? What Technology?

My initial forage into philosophy takes me down Plato’s lane, to seek understanding of his future foresight in describing what did not exist in his day. Perhaps this hindsight would provide direction for the future; define tomorrow, what today may be completely senseless. Perhaps, Plato’s future is a microchip embedded in the head that mathematically […]

ICTs as a Tool and a Means to an End

I have been in civil society circles for sometime and one of my greatest arguments, indeed, my greatest worries is the misconception that pushes ICTs as a tool. It is not uncommon to hear statements like, “ICTs for governance” or translated, eGovernance; ICTs for Education; ICTs for Development – the field of development work we […]

Norman McLaren – Welcome

I will attempt to describe McLaren based on the first seven minutes of his film, “Welcome” that I saw today. I have not looked at any reference, I have not googled him up before commenting on this work. In fact, I do not know if the name of the film is actually “Welcome!” I have […]

Future of [Technology] Education in Africa

If the statistics of primary and secondary school enrollment sits at 150 pupils (in the place of thousands) in the Niger Delta, and if at the higher levels, only a few African students are ‘schooled’ by professors to carve knowledge spaces for themselves in the future, then the future picture of Africa in the knowledge […]

836 FCFA/litre (Approximately $US2)!

Thats the pump price I paid for gas this morning in Dakar, Senegal. And it is increasing! Last week, I paid $US40 to fill up a gas tank in North America. I would pay twice that amount to fill up the same car in Senegal. Ok, my amazement hit the roof tops as I drove […]

God bless the day…

Casablanca Airport, MorroccoApril 8, 20071:45pm Taking a trip to Moroccos was to discover myself and to find out a new meaning for my life. I found out other things. I guess I have been needing a holiday for quite sometime so the trip doubled up as a holiday too which turned out to be quite […]

Microsoft Windows More Expensive Over Linux at the World Social Forum

Two press centers and a cybercafe each containing approximately 50 personal computers each, a free ‘Strix wireless network’ across the entire conference facility, and a 5mbps full duplex bandwidth to the Internet provided by a local Kenyan service provider called KDN is the infrastructure set up at the World Social Forum holding in Nairobi, Kenya. […]